NOTE: Two Tails will be re-open in a new location with a different name.  

Online Reservations

Our online system got an upgrade! You will now be able to check the status of your reservation requests, view your invoices, upload pictures and vaccination certificates, and update your pet's information. CLICK HERE to see how.

Returning Guests: It will look a little different- but don't worry, all your information is still there! Choose the blue button for existing customers and enter the same email you've used to make reservations in the past. You will be prompted to choose a password-make it something easy like your dog's name! Once the password is set, you will need to read and sign our new e-waiver. Then, request boarding and daycare stays by selecting the green "Add Booking" button in the top right hand corner of the profile page- the rest is the same!  

New Guests: Choose the green button to set up a new account/password. Make the password something easy to remember like your dog's name! Sign our e-waiver and fill in your pet's profile information (don't worry, you will only have to do this once). Request boarding and daycare stays by selecting the green "Add Booking" button in the top right hand corner of the profile page. If we are able to accommodate your pet, we'll send you an email confirmation within 1 business day. Confirmation emails come from KennelBooker, our reservation software- you may need to check your "Junk" folder the first time and add us to your safe senders list. If your reservation is accepted, please remember that you must upload a copy or clear photo of your dog's vaccination certificates at least 14 days prior to arrival so that they can be accepted onto our property. Click the button above to get started! 

Good to Know

  • We do not accept small dogs under 20 lbs. Our facility is designed for medium and large dogs at this time.
  • We do not accept intact males over 9 months old. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • Along with standard vaccines, Two Tails also requires proof an annual Bordetella (Canine Cough) vaccine within the last 12 months. The vaccination must be given a minimum of 10 days prior to boarding.
  • If your reservation is accepted, you must upload a copy or clear photo of the vaccination letter to your account a minimum of 10 DAYS prior to arrival. This can be done by clicking "Your Details" - "View Pet"-"Documents" (CLICK HERE to see how upload a certificate from a computer or mobile device with step by step pictures.) 
  • Space is limited, Two Tails usually books out about 2 months in advance for boarding.
  • Forms of payment: We accept debit/credit cards, cash, checks, and PAYPAL.

Owner Responsibilities & Two Tails Policies


  • Provide ALL health related information
  • Provide proof of vaccinations including Bordetella within the last 12 months (we recommend every 6 months for best results)
  • Provide enough food for your pet's stay (food can be provided by Two Tails, but changing food will give your dog an upset stomach)
  • Don't change your dogs diet within 2 weeks prior to boarding (this results in hard-to-clean diarrhea and an unsanitary play environment)
  • Ensure your dogs nails are trimmed prior to your visit- this prevents scrapes while playing with other dogs
  • Pay the amount due on the day of pickup 
  • Reimburse any vet bills that were incurred due to normal health problems or accidental injury


  • Reservations are required for all guests. Booking requests must be made online to ensure all of your pet's information remains current 
  • Bookings requested on a weekend will be responded to on the following Monday
  • Daycare services may be cancelled at any time without a fee, although we prefer advance notice for planning purposes 
  • Bookings over 14 days or over a major holiday may be subject to 50% deposit at the discretion of Two Tails.
  • Deposits are nonrefundable, but may be applied as credit towards future bookings 
  • Holiday surcharge of an additional $10/day applies


  • Pick up and drop off times should be pre-arranged with Two Tails, we do not accept new dogs without prior notice and/or consultation
  • Contact us if pick up/drop times change. Unless a prior arrangement has been made, customers arriving after hours will not receive service 
  • Pets not picked up by closing must stay until we re-open and will be charged the regular boarding rate
  • Pay attention to signs in pick-up/drop-off area and do not open any interior gates without assistance.
  • Try not to excite the dogs too much on pick-up, they love to bark when excited and we don't want to disturb our neighbors
  •  We will not release your pet to anyone who is not listed as an owner or emergency contact without prior notice from the owner


Daycare/Boarding Expectations: Risk & Prevention

Two Tails was created to provide a fun and healthy environment for dogs to stay and play. All dogs that come for boarding will also get to enjoy the benefits of the daycare pack. Dog daycare, much like daycare for children, presents certain risks and realities for dogs in group care. Our goal is to minimize these risks, and this includes making our clients aware of some common situations social dogs may encounter. Two Tails is significantly smaller than most dog boarding and daycare facilities, and we have been fortunate that incidents of any kind are few and far between. However, we want to learn from our larger partners in the industry and make sure our standards are above par. We also want to bring our clients in- making sure that you are fully informed so that together, we help provide the best life for your best friend.


While Two Tails takes great diligence in minimizing health and safety hazards, our clients must acknowledge some measure of health risk. Just like kids in school or daycare, dogs that play in groups are susceptible to whatever bug is going around. While standard yearly vaccines are excellent in protecting dogs against the most serious diseases like parvo, distemper, and rabies, large gatherings of canines may come up with an occasional case of canine cough or giardia. Most conditions are not serious, but by coming into contact with other dogs, your dog is at increased risk of catching communicable canine health issues.

Canine Cough: Also known as bordetella, canine cough is the most frequent visitor to dog daycares. It’s the dog version of the common cold that usually manifests as a deep froggy cough… usually when they first wake up or directly after exercising or barking. They may cough up white foamy mucus and be listless. Your dog can be exposed to canine cough at the dog park, the groomer, dog daycare, walking around the neighborhood, or even at the vet. Much like the human cold, there are several strains and it is a highly contagious, airborne virus. Healthy dogs that show no symptoms can sometimes spread it. And just like a cold, some owners choose to let it run its course and some choose to take their dog to the vet for an evaluation. The good news is most dogs with upper respiratory infections have self-limiting disease –meaning it resolves with little or no treatment. There are times vets will prescribe cough suppressants and/or antibiotics on a case-by-case basis. We recommend the bordetella vaccine on a twice a year basis and have found this to be a successful way to keep canine cough at a minimum.

Worms are common in puppies, but adult dogs can also get worms while sniffing each other’s hind-ends or from direct contact, like eating other dog’s waste (gross, we know). Our crew is diligent about quickly cleaning dog waste and inspecting for worms, signs of giardia, or other gastro-intestinal issues. If we see that a dog has worms we will let the owner know. For boarding clients we may ask permission to buy and administer an over-the-counter worm dose. Once wormed, a dog should stay home for at least a week to give the dead parasites time to get out of their system.

These are common bugs that dogs transfer from time to time- but please help us keep the pack in top health by being aware of any changes in your dog’s health. If you suspect that your dog has ANY of these, PLEASE KEEP THEM HOME! It’s not fair to expose the other dogs.


Two Tails is diligent about playground rough housing and strict temperament screening to give you a peace of mind that your dog is properly supervised while in our care. We believe that the benefits of dog daycare far exceed the drawbacks, and that’s why we love what we do. We implore all clients to “know thy dog” and help us anticipate and avoid problem dogs and problem behaviors.

Injuries: Dogs play with their teeth; they grab each other by the neck, nibble on tails and paws, and steal toys from each other. Therefore, injuries including nicks, scrapes, and puncture wounds will occasionally happen. We are trained to anticipate any problems and to break up excessively rough play as quickly and safely as possible. We ask that our patrons help us prevent scrapes by making sure nails are trimmed before your visit.

Dog time-outs: Dogs, like children, often need a little “quiet time” in order to settle down. Two Tails was designed with a “Doggy Time-Out” area to meet this need. This area is utilized in a variety of ways. For dogs who routinely become overly excited when they come to daycare, or for dogs who become overly excited while playing. This area may also be used for tired and “cranky” dogs to rest, or to quarantine a pet that may be ill.


For some dogs, the epitome of a good time is to become as dirty and stinky as possible. Being drooled or slobbered upon by their dog friends is an inevitable outcome of play. The main play area is kept open during light showers and that “wet-dog” smell may result. Also, some dogs enjoy rolling in stuff that is less than pleasant to smell. To combat this, Two Tails cleans messes as quickly as possible to prevent it from happening in the first place- and we’ve invested artificial turf to eliminate mud in the play areas. If it is pouring rain, we restrict the dogs to the smaller covered area to help keep them drier before getting in your car at the end of the day.


What we do: Two Tails makes every effort to ensure the health and safety of all dogs in our care and we treat every dog as if they are our own. Medical records are kept on file to ensure that dogs have had a thorough health exam and that they are current on all required vaccinations. We’ve invested in air filters and ventilation systems to keep the air in our home fresh and allergen-free. On a daily basis, food bowls and all surfaces are sanitized, and our antimicrobial turf is hosed down with a pet-safe disinfectant. Dogs are crated for meal time to prevent food aggression and kept crated for an hour after eating to prevent a serious condition known as bloat, which is caused by eating too quickly and/or vigorous exercise too soon after eating. (If you don’t already know about bloat in dogs, ask us about things you can do to prevent this from happening at home.)

What we ask of you: Please keep your pup’s nails trimmed to minimize the chance that your dog will inadvertently injure their friends. In addition to making sure we have up-to-date vaccination records on file, we also ask owners to closely monitor changes in your dog’s health and behavior. Please keep them at home if they are not feeling well and recognize that if you planned on boarding, you will have to make other arrangements. The Two Tails staff has been trained to identify dogs that may not be well and will separate such dogs from the group until they can be sent home. If we notice any indications upon drop-off you may be asked to keep your pet away for the safety of others.

You can email us anytime at with special requests. You can also text Anthony at 509-699-9613.